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Enquire Now: (+44) 01299 822862

Grinnall Scorpion IV

The Ultimate Road & Track Car


The Basics

The S-IV was so well received following its introduction – so what’s happened to it since?

The answer to that frequently asked question lies in the allocation of finite production resources. Supply of these exciting, incredibly fast motor cars has always been restricted by limited capacity at Grinnall Cars farm-based factory, compounded by the ever increasing demand for the simultaneously launched Rocket 3 trike. The S-IV has not therefore had the impact it deserved. However, that situation is shortly to be remedied as production is set to increase significantly after a move to new, larger premises and a staff recruitment drive beginning in 2015.


The car

The production version of the Scorpion-IV was launched at Autosport International 2005, theUK’s premier motor-sport and sports car show. The S-IV was featured in leading UK motoring magazines from 2001 to 2005. Limited deliveries commenced in 2005, following the completion of the final testing programme.

Under the skin

In 1992, award-winning automotive stylist Steve Harper of SHADO was commissioned to pen the exciting new design of the BMW powered Scorpion-III. His brief was to develop the styling, not only for S-III, but also for the second stage of our development programme, the S-IV; with a wheel on each corner. The eye-catching results for both vehicles were faithfully translated into full-sized clay buck models, and hence, via precision moulds into production.

The Scorpion-IV features a lightweight, super-stiff space-frame chassis onto which is bonded a composite body shell. The result is an exceptionally rigid structure; the platform for the S-IV’s trademark supple and well controlled ride, precise handling and exceptional road holding abilities.

The front suspension is a development of the technology employed in the acclaimed Scorpion-III, double wishbones in oval tubing with inboard coil springs over, fully adjustable gas dampers. At the rear, long, super-stiff longitudinal links give superb handling and camber control without compromising the vehicle’s distinctive styling.

Power is provided from the well proven VW/Audi 1.8 litre, 4-cylinder, 5-valve motor with its slick, 6-speed Getrag transmission. The S-IV’s performance varies depending on the state of tune of the motor, from the standard 250bhp up to whopping 450bhp. With a new inlet manifold, turbo charger and re-programmed engine management, the standard motor can easily be tweaked to produce 370bhp and over 300lbf/ft of torque producing 544 bhp/tonne performance. With a blue-printed motor fitted with special performance parts and a new engine management system, power can be increased to over 450bhp. Power to weight figures for this version are a mind blowing 660bhp/ton, giving the Scorpion-IV performance to equal or better than exotic supercars costing many times more.

We currently run a 370bhp version of the S-IV. Overall performance is absolutely stunning with acceleration figures amongst the top 10 supercars.

(0-60 mph, 3 seconds) and braking to match from 4-piston calipers and vented discs all round. The ride is exemplary and the handling totally predictable, with no hint of the lift-off-oversteer, so often a problem with mid/rear engined cars.

We now fit our new alloy steering column, which features sealed needle roller bearings, and is fully adjustable for height and reach. Couple this with a formula steering rack (LHD or RHD) and the car has light, precise steering with perfect feedback and balance.

The S-IV is equipped with Rimstock light alloy wheels shod with 195/50/16 tyres on the front and 235/45/17 at the back. Optional rears are 275/40/17. Variable Traction Control is also an option.

10 years of evolutionary development have produced an unbeatable combination of styling, performance, quality and value for money. The S-IV is very competitively priced, from £29,995 including VAT – and is aimed directly at track day enthusiasts or customers who might otherwise opt for the (more expensive) Ariel Atom 3 or Caterham Seven R500.

So whether it’s a Sunday morning head-clearing sprint, a high speed dash to the French Riviera or a balls-out track day blast, the S-IV has to be high on your list of options.

So why not try all those options – and then call us to book your S-IV demo – and be prepared to adjust your perceptions!